Agistment facilities are available to financial REA Members and is provided on a “first in” basis.  Members can apply for agistment by completing an Agistment Request Form and you will be added to the agistment waiting list once this form has been received.

REA Agistment Rules 2020

A member may apply to agist up to two horses.  

As from 2013, it is a compulsory requirment that all members & visitors horses, must have received 2 rounds of Hendra Virus Vaccine before being permitted to stay overnight at the REA.  This will apply to both casual & permanent agistees.  Please see further updates at REA Agistment Update.

When an agistment spot becomes available;

  • The next person on the Agistment waiting list will be notified by the Agistment Officer by email & phone text. 
  • 2019 Agistment Form will need to be completed & signed for REA Committee Approval.
  • Horses must not occupy the vacant agistment spot, until REA Committee approval has been given.
  • A probation period of 3 mths applies for all new horses at the REA.


Agistment Fees are set by the REA Committee and are as follows;

  • Shared Paddocks (max. of 3 horses per paddock) = $40 per week 
  • Strip Paddock (1 horse per paddock) = $45 per week 

 This fee covers lease costs, rates, insurance, maintenance, water etc.  Agistment Fees may be increased at any time & (4) four weeks written notice will be provided.  Last review was early 2015, and it was deemed that  a substantial increase in agistment  fees for 2016 was necessary (please refer to General Minutes).  A refundable bond equal to (4) four weeks agistment fee is also required.

Conditions of agistment & responsibilities of agistees is detailed in the  REA Agistment Update

Please contact the secretary at for more information.